Review Logitech Harmony 350 for Universal, Remote that works with my TiVo and Bose Solo Sweet

A several days before. I search for information on the Logitech Harmony 350 for Universal Control of Up To 8 Entertainment Devices, so i have to tell.

Logitech Harmony 350 for Universal Control

Control 8 devices and all your entertainment with one remote View larger Logitech Harmony 350 Simply better control. Logitech Harmony 350 gives you better control of whatx2019s attached to your TVx2014and makes juggling multiple remote controls a thing of the past. Now you can control up to eight different home entertainment devices with one simple-to-set-up and easy-to-use remote …. Read more or Check Price

The opinions of the customers who bought this item

Thrilled to pieces because now I’m down to one remote for Sony tv TiVo HD3 Bose and Only my soundbar 3 Roku. by Aunt Beth

I found this for my girlfriend. hooked on his tv soundbar fios receiver and apple tv. Super easy setup. by captChris

I have a Time Warner Cable box Apex TV and a Yamaha amp/Reciever all plugged in this. The online setup program made it easy to get to this remote to work. by Samuel L

Bought this to replace remote control Yamaha remote surround system due to volume buttons going. This remote controls (such as volume mute speaker configuration and power) but not …. by Matt B.


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